The Cash Protocol.

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Market 2.0 Receive your physical change back electronically at Point of Sale locations.
Lets Digitize Cash. Lets drive retail adoption into DeFi.


DeFi Savings Account

Our mobile app offers our flagship DeFi Savings
Account, featuring super high interest rates that will
make your bank jealous. Simply deposit your purchased NUME tokens into the DeFi Savings Account and start earning.

Merchant and Bank Connection

The app allows you to convert physical cash change
from stores and retailers into digital cash. With this cash, you can buy NUME tokens. You can also send money to the app via a connected bank account or credit card. Whatever you choose, the NumisMe App is your Gateway into DeFi.

High interest rate Savings Account

Simply download the app, register for an account,
and immediately start earning interest on your

iOS and Android “Coming Soon”

The updated NumisMe App will soon be available on iOS and Android.


NumisMe Pro Vaults and Borrow

Our fully decentralized and permissionless NumisMe Pro platform offers advanced DeFi users even higher yield optimization opportunities.

Multi asset, Multi strategy

NumisMe Pro features our asset agnostic, multi strategy vaults that make it easy to earn the highest yields possible on your digital assets. We auto compound your capital and we constantly seek the best risk managed yields in the DeFi space. When a better yield strategy presents itself, NumisMe Pro Vaults can easily switch to the strategy that offers higher returns.

Stake NUME Earn ETH

And NumisMe Pro users can supercharge their returns by staking NUME to receive a share of the revenue generated by our protocol. Stake NUME, receive ETH. It’s that easy.

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Innovative crypto loans that pay themselves back

Did someone say free loans?

Get your instant, free loan today

Coming Soon


NumisMe is committed to building a one stop solution for retail and DeFi native users alike.
We deliver yield through bull and bear markets. With NumisMe, the future is always bright.

Phase One


  • Rebranded UI
  • Token Swap Contract and UI
  • Stand up Social Channels
  • New Infrastructure
  • Finalize Emisions
  • Begin V3 Overhaul

Phase Two


  • NumisMe Pro Canonical Vaults
  • New Chain
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Mobile App
  • PayMe Loans
  • New Audits
  • Yield as a service

Phase Three


  • Merchant Partner
  • Integrations
  • Fiat Rail
  • In store Kiosk Partnership
  • Mobile App Re launch
  • Token Swapping

Phase Four


  • Support For Mobile Payments
  • Debit Card Launch
  • Budgeting Tools
  • Insurance